Where to Find Old Coins in the Ground?

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You bought a new metal detector, or you inherited one from somebody, and now you want to test it out But where will you test it? Hasn’t everyone with a metal detector out there already searched all the good places for old coins and silver and gold? Surely they know all the good spots to look for coins in all the areas that are worth the trouble.

Where in this modern age can you look for coins, or is the metal detection hobby old and outdated and not worth the trouble? Millions of metal detectors have been sold over the world since the first one was sold in 1931, so are there still some places left to be searched? Many things can be searched for and detected with a metal detector. But this is about searching for coins, or as professional detectorists say — coin shooting. Coin shooting involves the detection and finding of all types of coins made from different metals. The aim is to find the oldest coins you can. Coins were made from silver, gold, copper, brass, and even lead. But where do you go if you want to look for old coins?

The Best Places to go Coin Hunting

Your Yard

Your own back and front yard is a good place to start looking for coins. If you are living in an old neighborhood and in an old house built before the 1960s, you will be surprised at how many old coins you may find in your yard. The good thing about your yard is the chances are that nobody went hunting for coins there before you.

Your Neighborhood

You can just go out and walk up and down the streets in your neighborhood. Coin hunting in your neighborhood can be a good test run for your coin hunting skills. If you are lucky enough to have empty, undeveloped lots in your neighborhood, that is even better.

You may even ask permission from your neighbors to explore their yards, if they don’t mind you trampling their yards. Some neighborhood lots can be really big, and they may have large undeveloped areas. That may keep you busy for a while. Neighborhood coin hunting can turn into quite a lucrative enterprise.

Sidewalks Under Construction

If you can find an area where the municipality is repairing broken sidewalks, you can ask for permission to explore the area after the removal of the old broken slabs and before the new slabs are installed. You may find it to be a marvelous source of old coins.

Picnic Areas and Camping Sites

You may think that everyone who is coin hunting is going for picnic areas. That is true, but most people only try to find things lying around on the ground. If you put in some effort and go a little deeper, you may find a lot more coins hidden in the ground, only an inch or two beneath the surface. Be sure to get permission from the grounds caretaker before you go coin hunting at any picnic area or camping site.

Farmhouses and Surrounding Areas

If you are lucky to get permission from the farmer, or if you have family living on a farm, you are in for a big treat. You may find your oldest coins where there was no development. You may have to go somewhat deeper here for older finds, but it is always worth the dirt to find the oldest treasure in coins.

Beach Coin Hunting

Yes, I know, everybody goes beach coin hunting, and they are going to busy beaches. What they do not do is dig deeper for better results, and beach hunting is always a renewed source of coins. To get the oldest coins, you may have to dig deep into the sand where no one has dug before.

Into the Wild

Eventually, you will have to go out into surrounding areas. Look for ruins on field trips for a real coin hunting trip, if you want more pleasure out of it, and if you want it to be more profitable. Mostly that is what it is about, the profitability of coin hunting. There are some things you should consider before you go serious coin shooting.

Before Going Coin Hunting

Find old maps of your city or town which can help you in finding the oldest neighborhoods and the oldest houses in your town. The library is an excellent place to start. The older neighborhoods with the oldest houses are the best place to look for the oldest coins.

The Older, the Better

Get a metal detector that can scan different ranges or a metal detector with a smaller coil for detecting smaller metal objects for coin shooting. If possible, get a waterproof detector so you can detect in river beds and small water streams. Always carry a spade on a coin hunting trip — you might need to dig into the ground.

When it comes down to where to find old coins in the ground, the above mentioned places will get you off to a great start.

Do you know any good places to find old coins, gold, got tips to share with the community or questions that need answered? Leave a comment and tell us more!

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