Metal Detecting Tips for Coins

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Searching for old coins is one of the most common activities among metal-detecting enthusiasts. Finding gold nuggets might be the dream of every person associated with this hobby, but keeping your expectations at a realistic level will ensure more fun.

Coin detecting is a hobby, and you should treat it like one. People can join metal-detecting clubs to enjoy finding hidden treasures in terms of coins. If you want to pursue this hobby, here are some of the best metal detecting tips for coin shooting.

Location is the Key

When it comes to detecting coins, the most essential element is the location. For instance, if you are looking for pennies or other coins, you should start searching for them in places where they were used the most or where people may have dropped them.

Some of the best places for finding coins are as follows :

  • River beds
  • Playgrounds
  • Old towns
  • Churches
  • Old stores
  • Beaches
  • Camping grounds
  • Schools

On the other hand, when you are looking for coins that have historical significance, it would be better for you to search particular locations and use more specific equipment.

Type of Metal Detectors

As long as you own any metal detector, chances are you will find some coins. On the other hand, if you want to take this hobby to the next level, it is essential to get the right tool. You can find a lot of different metal detectors that have specific features that help when coin shooting.

In addition, you must also choose the type of metal detector depending on the location you have selected for your search. For example, if you are planning to search in a pond, it is important to get a waterproof metal detector.

The majority of such equipment isn’t waterproof; therefore, you should make sure that your detector has this feature if you want to expand your search to areas covered in water. Land metal detectors come in different sizes and shapes. This suggests that you need to make the right decision when buying such equipment.

Metal Detector Configurations

Configuring your metal detector to find coins can improve the chances of making a good find. If you understand the feedback that comes from your specific metal detector, you can easily determine what is buried underground.

It is recommended that you first learn how to use the detector at home by placing some coins under the soil. This will help you to test the quality and precision of the signals that your metal detector is sending.

It will also help you avoid finding bottle caps and other junk. Once you start knowing your detector, be sure to configure it properly for the type of metal you want to detect. Usually, the settings vary depending on the model and type of the detector.

One of the most important settings is the coin depth indicator. Any of the good-quality metal detectors will offer this feature. In fact, it has now become a standard feature on a variety of top-notch metal detectors.

However, knowing how to operate this feature is another thing. You can get help form coin shooting experts for this purpose.

Sensitivity of a Metal Detector

When you are searching for small items like coins, you need to buy a highly sensitive metal detector. While configuring the device, keep the sensitivity at its optimum level. You can easily evaluate the sensitivity of your coin detector by experimenting with different metal detectors.

Since every metal detector has its own detecting power, you should choose the right type of metal detector for coin shooting. Usually, when you increase the sensitivity, you can easily find a lot of metal. However, most will be junk, which isn’t worth your time and effort.

However, if you set the sensitivity too low, you will miss targets that are out of range. Therefore, setting the sensitivity at its right level is important for hitting the right spot and finding highly unique coins.


Coin shooting is a hobby that involves a lot of technical and historical knowledge. You can only find some good relics if you know where they might be and what types of equipment would be suitable for such items. When thinking about your equipment, a powerful metal detector is the best companion for this purpose.

If you have just started pursuing this hobby, or you are thinking about joining a coin shooting group, our metal detecting tips for coins may be helpful in many ways. When buying a metal detector, make sure to go for one that offers respective modes and automatic settings.

This will help you start enjoying your hobby without getting into the hassle of configuring the right settings on your detector. With the help of a metal detector, you can easily find some old coins buried under the ground. We hope that these metal detecting tips for coins help you in your quest for hidden treasure and buried gold.

Do you know any good places to find old coins, gold, got tips to share with the community or questions that need answered? Leave a comment and tell us more!

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