Discovery 3300 Metal Detector Review

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Quick Overview






  • Lightweight (4.2 lbs.)
  • Waterproof
  • Turn on and go
  • Trash discrimination mode
  • 4 search modes
  • Pinpoint mode


  • Batteries not included
  • Headphones not included

When you’re out metal detecting, you want to make sure that the tool you’re using is the best for the job. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned treasure hunter, your metal detector is your tool of the trade. Take a look at how the Discovery 3300 metal detector holds up against the others.

Discovery 3300 Metal Detector

The Discovery 3300 metal detector is a precise tool that is perfect for deep-seeking targets. This tool is used for detecting hidden treasures like coins, gold, jewelry, relics, and other artifacts that are hidden beneath the ground, whether it be at the park or on the beach.

The Discovery 3300 has a preset ground balance that helps neutralize the device’s response to mineralization in the ground. This is a low-to-mid-tier device and it’s the perfect option for a hobbyist or a family tool to have around the house.

Who is This Metal Detector for?

This product is for anyone who has an interest in metal detecting and treasure hunting. Due to the low-to-mid price point, the Discovery 3300 is geared specifically towards both people who love to go treasure hunting every day, as well as those who just do it for a hobby on the weekends.

Families, hobbyists, and dedicated treasure hunters will all get something out of this product. However, someone who is looking for a device that has more features or is geared towards professionals might want to look at a higher price point.

What’s Included?

When you buy the Discovery 3300 metal detector, you get:

  • Discovery 3300 Metal Detector
  • Padded armrest

Overview of Features

Due to the low-to-mid price range, the Discovery 3300 doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles that a more expensive metal detector might have. However, there are still a fair number of specs that are included in this model. The Discovery 3300 comes with a discrimination system to help eliminate unwanted metals, a headphone jack, target depth display, and 4-tone audio. Check out the rest of the specs that come included in the Discovery 3300:

  • 11 segment target identification
  • Numeric depth indicator
  • No motion deep-seeking pinpoint
  • 7 segment target elimination indicators
  • 3 different levels of iron discrimination
  • Headphone jack
  • Ground balance (auto or manual)

How to Use Discovery 3300 Metal Detector

The Discovery 3300 assembly is incredibly easy and requires no tools. All you have to do is put the interlocking pieces together and follow the owner’s manual to get up and running. Once you have it assembled, you’re ready to get started.

Before turning it on, make sure you turn the ground balance knob to the preset position. Then, press the “power” button located on the touchpad. Before you take your new metal detector out for a spin, it’s recommended that you test the search coil with different objects, like metal coins, copper, gold, and iron. You’ll be able to hear how the tones differ for each object and know what you’ve found. Things like nails will not make any sound, as they will have been “discriminated.”

If you’re carrying a cell phone, make sure that you keep it away from the search coils of the metal detector because the electromagnetics may cause interference with your device. The Discovery 3300 has modes for both “motion” and “no motion.” You can sweep your metal detector from side to side in “motion” mode and get tone indications of hidden treasures. “No motion” mode, is considered “pinpoint” mode, and you can hold your device still and pinpoint the exact location of any buried objects.


If the Discovery 3300 doesn’t have enough power for you, there are plenty of alternatives on the market. Check out the following metal detector that might better suit what you need.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

If you’re interested in a metal detector that is a little more geared towards professionals, then take a moment to look over the Gold Bug Pro from Fisher. This particular device is specifically geared towards gold prospecting. This device has real-time, computerized ground balancing, as well as a discrimination mode for coins and relics. If you’re looking for something to go gold prospecting with, the All Metal Mode on the Gold Bug Pro is just what you need. This model is perfect for people who take gold detecting a little more seriously.


For a low-to-mid-range price point, the Discovery 3300 is not a bad device at all. If you’re looking for a device that’s great for family fun in the backyard or on the beach, then look no further. Hopefully, this Discovery 3300 Metal Detector review has given you a better insight into this product and helped you make a better-informed decision. Now all that is left is to grab one, and set off to find whatever hidden treasures lay buried beneath the soil.

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