Best Places to Use a Metal Detector

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Treasure hunting is one of the more popular hobbies among the younger generation. It's not  uncommon that people find unique things with a metal detector. However, you can't start a treasure hunt just anywhere — you need to know the laws where you can dig and where you can't.

Where are the best places to use a metal detector? You'll find out shortly. In this article, we have rounded up a few of the best places where you can use your metal detector.


Did you know that our ancestors used to bury treasures in their backyards? Have you ever heard of a story where someone found a treasure buried under their house? It's entirely possible. Let's start with your backyard. It will also allow you to understand the detector.

Bury a few coins and try to remember the beep to understand the metal detector. Once you have enough skills, you might be lucky enough to discover a considerable treasure while hunting outside.


People go to the beach to relax and have fun, which means that the chances are good of finding metal there. The best place to start is at the towel line. The waves pull the objects into the lowest point, which is often referred to as gold mines or pockets. You are highly likely to find rings, phones, and coins in these pockets.

Remember to get permission from the local office. Most public beaches require permission before can start your hunting. You can check it on your local website. If the beach is private, you definitely need to get approval.


If I have to name the most active place of the town, we would say footpaths without any hesitation. The chances of finding dropped objects are very high near the walkway. When there is a lot of human activity at a place, there is more chance to find something.

Scan the edges of the footpath with your metal detector. Try to scan at least a 5-meter area around the edges. You never know what was the width of the path was a few decades ago. If you find anything, you can't start digging without getting permission.


Many people run on the jogging tracks in a park. Parks also host a lot of children's activities throughout the day. If you try your luck in a park, there is a chance you might find some coins and other lost items.

Try scanning the area around the jogging track. Once you are done with this, you can look around the benches. Your aim is to search any area that is used by people. If you scan in the right place, there is no doubt you will find some metallic items.


The church is another place that people visit frequently. If you open a map and try to find the oldest buildings in a town, you will be surprised that most of these will be churches. People used to pay tributes to their gods, and there is a chance you might detect and dig up one of these tributes.

According to detectorists, they found most of their ancient coins from churchyards. It reveals that people used to bring a lot of coins to church.

Before you start, talk to the priest and get their blessing.

Historical Towns Turned into Fields

Over the years, people move from one place to another. There are a lot of fields that used to be towns in the past. If you know such a place, you can surely try your skill over there. If you don't remember any such field, you can look in the maps. You can choose a few spots to start before planning the further strategy.

If this is a private field, you had better get permission unless you want to face trespassing charges. There are many stories where people find treasure in these areas. You might be the next one to share your story.

Battle Sites

If you are looking for antique items, you have the best chance to find something on old battlegrounds. If you don't know of any battlefields, check out the region's historical sites on Google. If you find a battleground, you have the chance to discover metal buttons, bullet casings, and maybe an old weapon that has been buried since the time of the battle.

In most states, you must report your find to the state. Make sure to check the laws and follow all the regulations for metal detecting and retrieving any items from a site.


When it comes to the best places to use a metal detector, there are a lot of options. However, you need to check the local laws before digging in any place. You might think that it is a public place and you can do anything there. But, there are laws regarding access to the site. It's always best to get permission instead of getting into trouble with the law.

Do you know any good places to find old coins, gold, got tips to share with the community or questions that need answered? Leave a comment and tell us more!

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